How to make money from Forex Affiliate Programs

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Apart from actually trading the Forex market to make money, there are other useful ways of making money from Forex, and one of those ways is through Forex affiliate programs.

Forex Affiliate programs are usually online business models setup by forex brokers to reward affiliates who help refer Forex traders to them. The forex market is getting competitive these days with lots of brokers looking for clients who would trade on their platforms.

They use this means in getting more trader through the help of affiliates who send the clients to them. The job of the affiliate marketer is to advertise the forex broker through various means, mostly through his website, or running an advertising campaigns.

New clients are then referred to the broker through the affiliate. The broker usually assigned a specific affiliate link to the affiliate in order to track the clients that would be referred by the affiliate in the future, and ensure proper calculation of his earnings.

The most common way through which most Forex brokers pay their affiliate commissions is by allotting their affiliates part of their spread for every trade their referred clients place on their trading account.

Some brokers may decide to reward their affiliates with up to seventy percent commission on every spread charged from their referred clients trades.

One could make hundreds of dollars from Forex affiliate programs especially if he has been able to attract lots of clients to the broker he has signed up with. Because an affiliate would earn a particular commission on every trade his referred clients place on their trading account.

Most Forex brokers spreads ranges between 1 – 5 pips for various currency pairs, and its normal for traders to place trades on their daily especially when the entry signals are right. Affiliates could earn a big deal from this as they would continue earning from their referred traders as long as the traders continues trading with the same broker.

This is a big difference from other conventional affiliate programs that would only pay you a specific commission once, for a sale or purchase made on their site by your referral.

Popular ways affiliates use in attracting clients to forex brokers could be through their blog, running PPC advertising campaigns, banners/handbills, trainings/seminars, social networks and so many other ways.

The key thing you need to know is that Forex affiliate program is another sure way of earning a steady source of income from the Forex market.

An award winning forex affiliate program is the InstaForex Affiliate Program that claims to pay the highest commission for its partners. Partners get to earn up to 2 pips per trade of their referred clients with this broker.

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