The meaning of Forex Virtual Private Server (VPS)

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Many beginner Forex traders do not know the meaning of the forex Virtual Private Server or in short Forex VPS.

I was speaking with one of my Clients yesterday about the importance of using a virtual private server for the trading robot he intended using on his account, and he said he didn’t know what forex VPS is all about. So I have decided to use this article to explain the meaning of a VPS as it relates to your trading adventure.

Virtual Private Hosting falls under the category of website hosting and dedicated Server. Its is a special kind of remote desktop computer with real time connection the internet. This remote server is meant for storing important computer programs or files that may not safe for public or unsecured connection.

VPS are being used by large Corprate organization and big online companies that don’t want to their data stored on public hosting services or unsecured networks. This is mainly due to the importance or security attached to these data or files.

The forex world is not left behind as over the years, Forex traders and brokers have also taken advantage of this VPS service to also ensure that their trading account have secured and stable connection to the Forex trading server.

Mostly, traders can connect to their trading account with various connection mode like dial up, modems, VSAT or broadband connection, but some of these connections are unreliable when it matters most and little fluctuations in the connectivity may lead to huge losses for traders.

Using a VPS for your trading account could be one of the wisest decision you would take as your trading account would be wholly connected real time to the trading server. There should be no problem encountered whatsoever when using a VPS for your trading account.

VPS is meant specifically for trading account that are using an automated trading system or Forex expert advisors to trade. This is to ensure that the account is online 247 as most expert advisors could place trades spontaneously, even at night when the trader may be offline.

Once the account is running on a stable VPS, then the Forex robot or ea could place its trades and also close it without any connection problems.

Most Forex VPS services comes with monthly subscription fees. Even as many brokers now have special VPS platform for their traders. One very popular broker that does this is, they also provide a free VPS Service for her clients.

VPS Subscription fees could range between $20 – $45 per month depending on the specification and configuration of the VPS server.

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